This wave will start at 7:06 AM, 3 minutes after the women's wave. The purpose of this wave is to give parents an opportunity to ACCOMPANY their kids while they complete their first triathlon. Please note important points about this category/ wave - * no child will be allowed on the course alone, * this is not a kids' race but  a FAMILY WAVE, * the parents participating in this wave will not be eligible for standard age group, there will be FAMILY AWARDS for the parent-child teams, * both - the child and the parent must be registered, * the child is to register under YOUTH MY FIRST TRI category, the parent is to sign up under INDIVIDUAL TRIATHLON and answer YES to the option to drop out of the age group awards to join a YOUTH participant.

A short version of FAMILY WAVE - you want to race, your kid under 12 years of age wants to race. You're worried to leave your kid on the course alone so you race together, the whole time you're with your child. And you two have a blast!

Please contact the race if you have questions about this wave.