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The 34th annual sprint distance triathlon was held at the beautiful Blue Springs Recreation Park,

5461 Blue Springs Road, Marianna, FL on Saturday, July 4th, 2020.

Straight out of quarantine - we raced! Congratulations to all finishers and very special congratulations to first-time triathletes!

Thank you for coming out to race. Thank you for respecting physical distancing, following announcements and just being the greatest bunch of triathletes.

We saw hundreds of smiles, good sportsmanship, and great celebration of America's independence.

Local news reporting on the race: WMBB News 13

Blue Springs Park in Marianna, FL sustained severe damage during

Hurricane Michael in October 2018 and was not be able to hold the race in 2019. After more than 30 years, the race was forced to take a break.

We came back this year and we celebrated big!

Current public health circumstances are trying to take some of the fun away from us but we are resilient. Please see New Health Safety Procedures here.


2021 registration is now open!

This is a sprint triathlon:

0.25 swim, 10 mile bike, and 5K run. 


SWIM - 0.25 mile - takes place in a spring water. (68F, wetsuits are allowed, swim caps optional)

BIKE - 10 miles - is a fast, fun, out and back ride.

RUN - 5K = 3.1mile -  starts on a road and leads onto a clay road.


Random things to know: 

> This race is not sanctioned by USA Triathlon.

> This race is great for first-time triathletes, beginners and mountain bike riders. 

> Experienced athletes will have a fantastic training race.

> See here how to wear your timing chip.

> See all maps here.

> We have ordered plenty extra t-shirts so even if you missed the t-shirt guaranteed deadline on 

June 13th, you'll, likely, still will get a race tee. We don't want anyone to miss out on it!

> Find your race number here (this allows you to self-body mark prior to the race). If your registration is not showing because you marked your registration not to be public; you will be able to find your bub # at the packet pickup.

> Please - no alcohol, no pets allowed inside the park.

> Sunscreen will be available for your convenience; please help yourself.

See the New Health Safety Procedures Page here and learn about self-body marking

and other precautions in place to keep you safe. 

Latest update on the swim:

The swim start has been modified to a time-trial start to avoid shoulder-to-shoulder contact.

Swimmers will self-seat themselves based on their swimming abilities and projected swim time. A single-file line will allow you to stay apart from other athlete. You loved it, we'll keep that way.

Relay Teams - All 2 or 3 members of a relay team will share one race number and one timing chip. Timing chip is to be handed off to the next member at the bike racked in the transition area. As the swimmer arrives at the bike, he or she will give the chip to the cyclist. As the cyclist completes the bike course and arrives at the bike, he or she will hand off the timing chip to the runner. Bicycle must be placed on the bike rack while chip exchanges take place. 

If you do not live in the same household, please bring sanitizing wipes or other tool to sanitize the chip when you receive or hand it out. You and your teammates are responsible for this exchange.

Virtual Race - You asked for it, we listened. Complete the race distance on your own schedule, in your neighborhood, wherever you are. Submit your results and receive a t-shirt, bib and finisher medal in the mail. 

Email your results to beachblasttri@gmail.com. Race packets will be mailed out soon.


No Friday packet pickup, keeping it simple - get your packet race morning.

Race Day Schedule (all times are CST)

Packet pickup and self-body marking begin at 5:30 AM at the race site.

No race day registration.

All athletes will be required to turn this form in prior receiving their race packet.

Printed questionnaires will be available for those who are not able to print theirs prior to driving to the race. To keep the check-in process, we ask that you bring the form signed with you.

6:50 AM National anthem

7:00 AM Race Starts

The swim start is a time-trial start to avoid shoulder-to-shoulder contact.

Swimmers self-seat themselves based on their swimming abilities and projected swim time. A single-file line will allow you to stay apart from other athlete.

Watch for signage and listen to announcements for details. 

Bike - you must wear a helmet. Cyclists not wearing helmets will not be allowed on the course. 10 miles to complete - keep you eyes open, head up, follow signage and obey the laws. Say 'thank you' to volunteers and law enforcement. This course is flat, fast and fun!

Run - wear your bib, run like a wind! Be kind, enjoy the day, come to eat breakfast!

Post race - enjoy great post race breakfast, freshly cooked for you in a popular food truck at the race site!

Breakfast is included for all registered participants, guests are welcome to purchase their breakfast directly from the food truck.


9:15 AM Awards ceremony 



All athletes registered on June 13th will be guaranteed a t-shirt of the desired size (women's cut available). After June 13th we can only guess and order random sizes that may not fit you. If you love race t-shirts – please register ahead of time!

**THERE IS NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION!!** No Friday packet pick up; keeping it simple - get your packet race morning.

Large custom finisher medals!

Fun collectible matching sets - bib, t-shirt, finisher medals

and awards - all matching custom design!



Following winners will be awarded:

Male and female overall winner.

Male and female master winner.

Youth (12 and under) male and female winner.

Age group winners - top 3 winners in these age groups:

13-15,16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54,

55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+

Relay Team -  overall winner. 

Family Wave - overall winner.


About Relay Racing (team of 2 or 3 participants completing the race)

Relay is a great option for people who want to have fun and participate but don't want to do all 3 portions of the race. Example: Amy will do the swim, Jake will bike and Emma will run. Another example: Robert will swim, Dan bike and Robert will run. Each participant if your relay (team) must be registered individually.

If your relay consists of 2 athletes, both must have their own registration.
If your relay (team) has 3 athletes; 3 people need to registered.

Each member of your team will have his/ her own bib and timing chip. You will meet at the your bicycle to change from one disciple to another - high-five each other and go!



This is, by a 30-some year tradition a super fun, laid back, and relaxed race. We celebrate 4th of July the best way we know how - getting up very early, swimming in cold spring water, biking with the wind (or against) and running in the sun.

If you are competitive, you will have a fantastic training race. If you're beginner, you will catch the bug of triathlon and never let go. Most importantly, we will celebrate America's birthday, swim-bike-run and have some fun!

If you are uptight and extremely competitive, this may not be the best race for you. We want to have fun!



Now the serious business

The event waiver - please read it 

By registering for this event participants agree

to the standard no refunds and no transfers policies. 

Please see New Health Safety Procedures here.

2020 was different but we made it happen.

Thank you adorable volunteers!

Congratulations to our winner of 2021 registration:

2021 Finisher Medals

2018 great patriots:

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